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About made|for|science

When we founded made|for|science in April 2015, we knew exactly what we wanted from our products.

Inner mobility and the courage to outdo oneself: this is what sets the developers Citavi and Quanser apart from the rest. With Citavi in particular, we’ve worked closely together on many projects, and we always keep your needs front and centre, so that we can make you an even better offer.
The founding team brings together 20 years’ experience respectively in the field of technical and scientific software and hardware, 10 of which we have spent working together. Whilst Falko Schumacher likes to set things in motion, Mathias Krummheuer is more focused on detail.

Quick, honest, customer-focused – you’ll discover we have these qualities in spades. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Unser Team

Mathias Krummheuer, Geschäftführer, made|for|science

Mathias Krummheuer

Contact person for Citavi & XLSTAT

+49 69 2474906-11

Falko Schumacher

Contact person for Quanser

+49 69 2474906-10